December 29, 2012
Steve Rhule, owner of Beegreener.

Steve Rhule, owner of Beegreener.

December 29, 2012
Beegreener Stars in New HGTV Show

by Martha Rose Woodward

Beegreener is a local, small business that specializes in designing and building outdoor living spaces. Beegreener provides fountains, stone walkways, outdoor rooms, ponds, rain harvest systems, fire pits and bowls, and hundreds of other projects for your gardens, yards, and homes. They can help the DIYers with ongoing projects or begin from zero and go from there.

Beegreener’s motto: “If you can dream it; we can do it.”

Steve and Nick Rhule are a father-son team located amidst the mountains and streams of East Tennessee.

Steve Rhule said, “Beegreener is proud to be an American small business. We are followers of Jesus Christ and are surrounded and inspired by His creations. His gift to us in creativity and our love of art and nature comes together and allows us to do what we love which is to make really cool places and things.”

The Rhule’s said that, even through this harsh economic climate, their business has done well. They are grateful to their customers for their support and look forward to meeting new customers.

Beegreener has been selected as the topic of a new TV show by HGTV. The program is currently in production and will be seen within the next year. Rhule said the experience has been great fun. “It is an awesome feeling to know that a television crew is looking to me for directions. Nothing happens until I arrive and share my ideas,” he said.

Call Steve Rhule at 865-323-6496. He will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with information and quotes. He can also share addresses of homes and businesses where examples of his work are on display.

December 25, 2012
Changes for Knoxville Woman’s Club in 2012 by Martha Rose Woodward

Changes for The Knoxville Woman’s Club

Founded in 1928 in Knoxville by Mrs. Walter Starnes Nash, the Knoxville Woman’s Club has been an integral part of the social scene as well as being a trusted friend in service to the community in a wide range of activities. However, as membership declined and expenses grew, keeping the clubhouse, located at 3930 Kingston Pike, became impossible. The lovely Colonial-style home was recently sold and will become a private residence. The exquisite antiques, dainty dishes decorated with pink dogwoods, silver punch bowl and fading photos of past-presidents that hung in the hallways were also sold, but the memories remain.

Even though the membership is low, the club plans to continue with activities and will meet at the Orangery.

Knoxville Woman’s Club is a member of the City Association of Women’s Clubs and the Greater Federation of Women’s Clubs. It is governed by by-laws, a Board and officers.

Monthly meetings are held September through May each year as members hear from a variety of guest speakers. Club members also meet for social interactions such as cards, games and crafts. Each club member is assigned to a Standing Committee and service projects for the club focus on six departments of study: arts, conservation, education, home life, international affairs, and public affairs.

Through the years, the ladies in the club have helped and continue to help the community through such projects as providing scholarships, docents for the TN Valley Fair, decorating tree for Fantasy of Trees, donating food to local food banks, providing a yearly Christmas party for the Cerebral Palsy Association, sending gift boxes to needy children, sending packages to service men and women, volunteering their time when called upon, and hundreds of other ways.

As a part of the opening for each club meeting, the women recite the following Collect by Mary Stewart:

“Keep us oh God from pettiness.

Let us be large in thought, in word, in deed.

Let us be done with fault finding and leave off self-seeking.

May we put away all pretense and meet each other face to face without self-pity and without prejudice.

May we never be hasty in judgment and always generous.

Let us take time for all things; make us to grow calm, serene, gentle.

Teach us to put into action our better impulses, straight forward, and unafraid.

Grant that we may realize it is the little things that create difference, that in the big things of life we are at one.

And may we strive to touch and to know that great common human heart of us all;

And oh, Lord God, let us forget not to be kind.”

December 14, 2012
Pasqual Bettio-Godfather of LA Art by Martha Rose Woodward

According to his web site (written by Douglas Young-May 12, 1949- December 4, 2012) and used by permission, “James Pasqual Bettio F.R.P.S.* is an internationally known photographer, educator and winner of over 30 international awards.”

Bettio’s photographs don the covers of more than 100 national magazines. He was honored with a *Fellowship of theRoyal Photographic Society of Great Britain for the creation of the art of Artography, a process that adds texture and depth to photographs.

As the founder of Sharing Friends of the Arts with over 2000 members he is much involved in the art world. Many an artist has been trained by him in photography and Artography at the Artography Academy of Photographic Arts now located at his studios at Park Labrea in a campus surrounded by 167-acre garden. The studio is a wonderful example of Pasqual’s Environmental Art Combining the skills he acquired over the years with his artistic talent for sculptures, paintings and assemblages, he created a whole new environment, out of discarded materials.

Pasqual is Founder/Director of Park Labrea Arts Council. The Council sees to the social, educational, and cultural needs of the 12,000 residents of Park Labrea and the residents of the surrounding community. It organizes many annual and special occasions entertainment and cultural events involving members of the greater Los Angeles Art Community to cater to the needs of all levels of the community from children to seniors.

Pasqual is the

publisher of Eye on the Arts Magazine, which informs the community of the events and brings before them aspect on art creating a bridge between the artists and the community.

December 14, 2012
Pasqual Bettio Reflects on Death of Friend by Martha Rose Woodward

Upon hearing the news of the death of his friend, Doug Young, Pasqual Bettio, award-winning artist from Los Angeles, California, sent the following message and asked that we publish it in this newspaper.

“When we heard about Douglas Young’s passing all we could do was cry. I will never forget his extra effort for humanity and his love for beauty, art and writing. The law was his passion and music guided his heart. He would always say he was a truth seeker.
Indeed he was all of that and more. So much more there are not enough words to capture the true feelings of a very special life dedicated to justice for all.

I personally learned so much from this man and shared monuments of creation with him. One instance comes to mind in reference to Salute America which he founded and wrote about while he was on the phone I was creating a piece of art I named The Statue of Unity.

The world has lost a great force. Douglas and I created so many projects together. Douglas and two others founded the first Celebrity Gala to End World Hunger in 1983 in LA. We developed the American Communities of Friendship. Douglas nicknamed Los Angles the “ Creative Capital of the World“—a title that was certified in 2001. We worked on Sharing Friends of the Arts, and the Hollywood International. Check out

www,, a web site he wrote. We also did a number of various projects with the Hollywood Arts Council. Douglas created the Miracle Mile Civic Coalition, a project that connected Oak Ridge,Tennessee’s city government, fire department and city council to the Los Angles Fire Department. These two cities shared ideas and expertise. Douglas headed the Rose Breast Cancer Society. He did projects for the Department of Recreation and Parks in LA. He was one of the founders for The Living Museum Of Artography and Assemblage. He also worked on a project that connected the Oak Ridge Museum of Science and Energy to our museum in LA exchanging art and a portrait of Albert Einstein from artist, Emmanuel Snitkovsky, that continues to stand in the lobby.”

Bettio continues, “As I write this I am realizing I could go on for hours. Please go to
www.salute. and appreciate the creation of so many sayings that we all use today. ‘EXTRA EFFORT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.‘ ‘THERE’S A WINNER IN YOU’ to name two. Douglas’ writings include one hundred motivational poems and several books, hundred of articles, scripts, and briefs. He also created the Dance Hall Of Fame with noted chorographer Joe Cassini. There is more as others will bring up things I can not recall due to my grief.”

Other comments from some of Young’s friends in LA:

I wish I could do more for Doug at this time. The first thing I did this morning was go out in our backyard and offer more prayers in his memory. I am sure what he would want us to do now is to carry on the mission that he envisioned to the best of our ability. To promote love, peace and global harmony is what the higher consciousness (God) of which we are all a part wants. It is our job to do our best to be our best and to serve each other.


Carmelita, Director of the Rose Breast Cancer Society

I can not believe he is gone. He was dear friend for over 30 years. I will miss him terribly. Freda

All I can do is cry.


 We are EXTREMELY sorry to hear that Douglas has passed. We know he must have suffered a great deal.We all shared our love for Doug. I went out in our backyard this morning to do my early prayers and Doug was definitely included. We shall miss him, but treasure and honor his memory.

Marilyn & Dan

December 8, 2012
Doug Young created the radio show Salute America for Horne Radio 850 a.m.

Doug Young created the radio show Salute America for Horne Radio 850 a.m.

December 8, 2012
Former Radio Star Wild Bill Lindley Dead, 63

by Martha Rose Woodward

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, at Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel with Pastor Steve Sparks officiating. The family will receive friends immediately following the service.

Douglas Lindley Young, also known as D. Lindley Young, and Doug Young, 63, passed away on Tuesday, December 4 at his home in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He was suffering from throat and neck cancer.

Young was preceded in death by his father Carlo Young, brother, Allen Young, cousin, Dr. Van Vandergriff and wife Judge Maxine Thomas. He is survived by his mother Barbara Mason, of Daytona Beach, FL, son, Scott Young and grandson, Gabriel Young, both of Knoxville, sister and brother-in-law Rob and Tonie Bayman, of Houston, TX, sister Stephanie Wilson of FL, brother Jeffery Young of NC, uncle Fred Young, aunt Ruby Vandergriff, cousins Pat Wrinkle of Knoxville, Becky Loree of Brentwood, Nashville, Jean Blanton, of KY, and friend, Barbara Arfa Slaughter of Florida. Longtime friends from Los Angeles, CA included artist James Pasquale Bettio, choreographer Joseph Cassini, and singers Freda Payne and Sherri Shirelle.

Doug Young grew up in North Knoxville, and graduated from Fulton High School in 1968 where he was a member of the winning football team, a member of Who‘s Who and was awarded honors for leadership. He met his lifelong, best friend, Herb Newton, at Fulton High School. Young attended the University of Tennessee for two years before moving to Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles and attended the California College of Law. He passed the bar exam on his first attempt in California and practiced criminal law in Los Angeles for numerous years. Young’s clients included Marvin and Frankie Gaye, Freda Payne, Ike Turner, Sly Stone the former wife of writer Harold Robbins and members of the Billionaire Boys‘ Club. Young moved to Florida due to health reasons, returning to Knoxville to take care of his ailing father.

While living in Los Angeles, Young created the Salute America Organization and The Winner in You Award and organized and hosted an event that was the “largest national day of award giving in history.” Young’s theme was “There is a winner in you.” Young was also one of the founders of the Annual Super Celebrity Event to End World Hunger, organizing and planning the first gala held in Los Angeles in 1983. One of the joys of his life was to see others receive awards for merit and achievement.

In 2003, Young, known on air as Wild Bill Lindley, began the radio show Salute America at Horne Radio Station 850 AM. The show was a political talk show that focused on national and international news, but, also included guests from the local political arena. Doug’s son, Scott Young, was the producer, the board was handled by Tracy Meares, and the co-host, who was added September 2007, was Martha Rose Woodward, writer with the Knoxville Journal. He was also founder of the Modern Tribune, an on-line news site.

Due to that show, Young met Renee Wheeler, owner of the Knoxville Journal and Martha Woodward, writer, who would become his dearest friends.

Young’s numerous hobbies included computers, writing, lecturing, reading, politics, studying history, giving awards, hosting radio shows, walking and he was an ardent fan of University of Tennessee sports.

Young was most recently employed by Renee Wheeler of the Knoxville Journal Newspaper as political writer and spokesperson.

December 6, 2012
Time to Winterize Your Yards and Gardens by M. Woodward

Joshua Shipley

Time to Winterize Your Yard and Gardens

Although Spring and Summer are the most popular times of the year for working in lawns and gardens, the fall and winter months are just as important. Josh Shipley, owner of A 2 Z Landscaping and Lawn Care, says that there are two keywords for winterizing your lawns and gardens: preparation and maintenance.

Shipley’s tips for winterizing your lawns and gardens include: l. Think long-range and plan for the future. In order to have numerous flowering shrubs, flowers and/or vegetables, you must prepare the soil as well as design each space in your yard or gardens. 2. Use good soil. Use good compost. Use good mulch. 3. Add as much as 6 inches of the best compost you can find to all flower beds both in the spring and winter months. 4. Study the needs of each plant. Be sure to understand which plants need a lot of sun and which prefer little or no sun. 5. Dig weeds up all the way down to the roots or they will just grow back. 6. Learn the correct methods for planting trees, shrubs and flowers. “In short, dig deep when planting,” Shipley said. 7. Imagine what you want the end result to look like and plan accordingly. 8. Remember to maintain or take care of your yard all through the year. 9. Be sure you know the difference between perennials and annuals or you will waste a lot of time and spend money unwisely. 10. Watch for seasonal sales. The best time to buy trees and shrubs is in the late summer and early fall when stores are clearing space in order to get ready for Christmas sales. A tree that might have cost $50 in mid Summer will sell for less than $20 in November. 11. Small changes can make a big difference. 12. Cleaned and cleared yards add value to real estate. Think curb appeal. Get rid of dead wood, dead plants and trash. 13. Start small. Work on one area of your yard and get it looking really good, then tackle another area. Before you know it, your yard will be stellar. 14. Plant seeds in small cups several weeks in advance so the seedlings will be ready to plant in the Spring. 15. Do not hesitate to hire professionals to help you. Seek advice from people who know what they are doing.

Contact Shipley at 865 235 9353. E mail His prices are reasonable and he will be happy to discuss your lawn and garden needs. He provides landscaping, mowing, weed eating, and all kinds of lawn care. He also does light carpentry, repairs flooring, will haul appliances or furniture, repairs guttering and will help with moving and other odd jobs. References are provided on request.

December 6, 2012
Phone Scam—Do NOT call area codes 284, 809 876

by Martha Rose Woodward

Holiday season is a time to remember that scam artists are out in full force hoping to catch us off focus while we are in the midst of our busy schedules.

Beware—-a scam involving your telephone has become popular as a method of separating you with some of your money.

IF you search on-line for Costly New Area Codes you can learn more about the scam that uses the area code numbers 809, 284 and 876.

Here is how the scam works: First, you get a message on your answering machine from a friendly sounding woman. The woman will say something like: ‘Hey, this is Karen. Sorry I missed you- get back to me quickly. I have something important to tell you. It involves your family.’ She may tell you that someone you know has been injured, or that a loved one is ill or in trouble.

Sometimes the caller will tell you that you have won a prize, and, lately, they are telling people that there is a web site that has located money owed to them and all they have to do is log on and get the cash. Another method they use is to tell people they have a package ready at Fed Ex and need to pay for it to be released.

The caller will repeat a phone number beginning with area code 809, 284 or 876 and tell you to phone immediately. Since most folks rarely think about the numbers they are dialing, the scammers have you in their greedy hands before you can blink an eye.

Rule One: Never return a call from a number you do not know. If it is a legitimate person, they will call you back. Rule Two: Never believe a message from a stranger unless the person begins the conversation with their identification. Rule Three: Never call numbers that begin with 809, 876 or 284. These area codes are from the Dominican Republic or the Caribbean Area. Phoning these numbers could cost you as much as $10 to $100 per minute.

One of the main reasons this scam works is that they get the person in the USA to actually make the phone call. Once they get you on the phone, they will try and keep you on the line as long as possible in order to increase their fees. Some folks have reportedly gotten long distance bills for thousands of dollars.

Always remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true. If a loved one is in trouble, ill or injured, you will get a call from a nurse, doctor, police officer or someone in a position of authority. Be vigilant. We can not out think scammers. We have to constantly be aware of their dirty tricks.

Pass this advice along to your family and friends so they will not become victims.

December 5, 2012
Knoxville Journal Writer, Doug Young, Dead Age 63

Douglas Lindley Young, former radio host of the Salute America Show that aired on 850 a.m., passed away at his home in Oak Ridge on Tuesday. Young had suffered from throat and neck cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Young, 63, grew up in North Knoxville, graduated Fulton High School in 1968, attended UT for two years. He moved to Los Angeles where he graduated from law school at The California College of Law. He was admitted to the California Bar in 1980 in Los Angeles where he practiced law for five years. During that time he wascounsel to some high-profile clients including writer Harold Robbins, Ike and Tina Turner and Frankie and Marvin Gaye. After leaving California, he relocated to Florida due to his health, before returning to Knoxville to care for his ailing father.

Young has served as public relations consultant and feature writer for the Knoxville Journal for several years.  

Funeral arrangements have not been announced.


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